Kayak Rescue GLP

The Great Lakes Paddlers group held a kayak rescue and safety clinic on Kent Lake July 7th.  There were 17 people signed up and in addition Rob Taylor and his wife showed up to assist.

The weather was great, hot and sunny, the water warm.  Patti Pape led the training and went through wet exits and re-entry in deep water.  Then a few techniques of re-entry with the aid of a friend were practiced.  Towing was demonstrated and with each technique each person got an opportunity to practice.  At the end of the class there was also some rolling practice.

I picked up a new entry technique which was called the heel hook, I found this easier than the cowboy entry.  As always it’s always best to be able to roll and stay in your kayak, but you have to get to that point and also know how to get back in if you exit unexpectedly.

I would recommend this type of training and tune up to anyone that is serious about kayaking.  The cost was free so how much better can you get than that?

Remember to get out there and Start Kayaking

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