Kayak Entry and Exit From Shore

Getting in and out of your kayak from shore.  In cold weather keep yourself dry on entry and exit.

Some people will tell you that you can have your kayak perpendicular to the shore with the front of the kayak on shore or on a ramp to get in then push off.  I have never found this method to work for me, too much effort to get the kayak off the shore when you’re in it.  So I am not going to cover that method.

This method works on a sandy beach, a rocky shore line, on a ramp, or a river bank.  Line your kayak up parallel to the shore in enough water to float the kayak.

Put your paddle across the back of the cock pit on the deck, the rest of the paddle is on shore.  You will be placing your weight on the paddle such that the pressure is on the part on shore using your hands about shoulder length apart on the paddle shaft.

Now there are two ways to get in from here.  One is to sit on the shore and swing your feet in then keeping the weight on the paddle quickly move your butt into the seat.  The other is to straddle the kayak with your legs over the cock pit then when lowering your butt into the seat keep the weight on the paddle on the shore to stabilize the kayak, the once your butt is in the seat quickly pull your legs into the kayak.  This second method only works if the cock pit is large and the opening in front of the seat is big enough for you to get your feet in after you’re seated.

To get out basically do the reverse of which ever method you used to get in.

One way you can keep your feet dry, the other make sure the ground is dry before sitting down if you want to keep your seat dry.  Either way just a little practice and you can look like you know what you’re doing and not dump yourself into the water.

Look for a certified instructor for basic kayaking techniques who can show you all the correct ways to start kayaking

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