Is It Too Cold In Michigan?

If you think it is too cold to paddle these days in Michigan, then you need to watch this guy in BC from last January.  The guy is a nut doing multiple rolls.  The conditions are not slowing him down a bit.  Of course he is an expert kayaker and he has the right gear for the conditions.  Someone starting to kayak won’t be doing this and not in these conditions.

What you can learn from this video is how the roll is done if you watch closely.  Notice the sweeping of the paddle and the position of the paddle.  Notice how he lays back on the kayak and stays there until the kayak is upright.  He is also using  a Greenland style paddle which also has a learning curve.  Here’s what was said about the Greenland paddle:

Narrower blade, and shorter length than Euro-style paddle. Less fatigue in shoulders, especially during prolonged periods of paddling (hours/days/weeks/months). Designed to allow for hand positioning at any point along paddle (tip to tip).  Personal choice primarily.  I am ordering one for next years paddling from a guy who custom makes them out of carbon fiber rather then the traditional wood which makes it more buoyant.

There are so many interesting things to learn, so get out there and start kayaking!

Any body want to go to BC for kayaking in January?

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