Ice Fishing – Greenland Kayak Building Time

I have not posted anything in a while since the weather in Southeast Michigan has been toggling between winter and late fall or early spring weather – 40 something with rain on and off.  So winter kayaking events have been hard to plan or attend.

I also have been busy catching up on maintenance work around the house, not too exciting to blog about.

This weekend was the first time of the winter season that the ice was thick enough for the ice fisherman to venture out onto the ice, it was a big event for the locals that love to ice fish.

Ice Fishing

First Ice Fishing This Season

I have been going to open pool sessions at the Brighton High School pool.  Contact Expanding Horizons if this interests you.  I have been improving my roll and  bracing.

The Southeast Michigan Kayak builders group is looking for people who want to build a Kayak this winter, they are also looking for a 3000 to 3500 square foot building to least for 3-4  months near Brighton, Pinckney/Hamburg/Dexter,  or Ann Arbor.  Leave a comment if you want to get into contact with the group.



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