How To Kayak

With the weather colder, days shorter in December in Southeast Michigan I have not been able to make my own videos lately, so I found a good collection of “How To Kayak” videos on most being made by,  the links are at the end of this post, just click on them to open a new window, then come back to this window for the next.

Not all the techniques have worked for me, maybe they will work for you, so I thought one of my goals for next summer is to make a series of “how to” videos of my own with things I know work, and are used by my kayak friends most of which are better kayakers than I am.  This way I am showing techniques that work by everyone that I know and should work for you as well.

As I have mentioned before winter is a good time to learn kayaking skills, watch the videos and take some classes in pools held by various certified  instructors.  I’m taking a rolling class next Sunday and hope to make some comments about that experience.  I will stand out a little driving around in 20F degree weather with my sea kayak getting to and from the pool.

Getting into and out of a Kayak

Kayak Basics

Basic Strokes

Paddling Tips

Wet Exit

How To Choose A Kayak

Audio Podcast

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