Hot April 10th Sea Kayak Paddle – Start Kayaking

Southeast Michigan gave us over 80 degrees and sunny which made for a great day to paddle Sea Kayaks from Little Portage to Zukey Lake Tavern and back. This was the opening day to start kayaking.  The forecast was originally for thunder showers, then mostly cloudy so the sunny skies was a nice surprise.  The paddle was ten miles one way against the current and ten miles back with the current but a 20 MPH head wind making the return trip slower.  Over eating and drinking pitchers of Oberon beer had nothing to do with it.

During the trip we saw an eagle, multiple turtles, and one bikini with very white skin. Since I did not use sun screen, now I look like a tomato.

This was the first trip with Bill’s new hand made wood boat shown in the video (link below). The boat is shorter and more maneuverable than his last wood boat.

Zukey41011 002

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