Hard Water For Kayaking

Well it finally happened the water got hard at my shore and kayaking the lake may be done on the chain of lakes for this year and for the first quarter of next year. The lake looks open since the ice is smooth and clear (perfect for ice skating if it was a little thicker) but not very good for kayaking.

Clear Ice

Clear Ice Looks Like Water - Dec 11

It Really Is Ice

It Really Is Ice - I walked on it

The far end of the lake is still open near Hell Creek to the bridge entering Portage Lake. The water fowl are enjoying the water ice interface.

ICE and Water

Ice And Water - Far End Of Lake

Ice Until Bridge

Ice and Water - Hard For Kayaking

Its Michigan so it will warm up again, Thursday it’s supposed to be in the forties and rain, there goes the good ice skating ice.  There will be some winter kayaking in the near future on the Huron River, just waiting for someone else to take the lead and organize.

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  1. As much as a person loves paddling, doing it in freezing waters is really not worth catching hypothermia over! Even with protective gear, it’s hard to imagine trying to paddle in the cold. How does it feel to take your yak out during the winter season?

  2. Well if you lived in Michigan rather than California, you might have a different opinion or view on winter kayaking. Yes you must have the right gear and know the dangers of paddling in cold weather, but it can be very enjoyable and safe by taking the proper precautions. On our last winter paddle we saw an American eagle take off and land for several miles down the river. Thanks for commenting, good luck with your sit on tops.

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