Greenland Kayak Building Week 9 – Start Kayaking

This week all the remaining Greenland boats were doing ribs, others were working on the end plates, Steffen was fixturing and bending/gluing his Masik (pronounced Maasheek). The Masik is the last major beam to add and is top side just in front of the paddler.

The Masik can be made many ways; from laminated and bending to a curved piece of wood, to cutting it out of a thick piece of hardwood. Our leader left early to kayak on Kent Lake, we took his boat apart when he was gone – April Fools you know. It snowed and rained on Saturday so hope he missed that. It always snows in Michigan in April.

The boats are getting very close to skinning, just a few boards to add top side and the coaming, then the sewing begins. A long operation for the unskilled – 8 to 12 hours of using a needle and “thread”. There is likely two to three sessions required to finish the Masik, bend the coaming, and add the extra deck boards. Won’t be long now till the boats are in the water. There is water now the ice is gone.

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Unique Bow

Unique Greenland Bow

Unique Stern

Unique Greenland Stern

All the boats are different, this one has some flair when it comes to the bow and stern shapes. Click on the picture to see the full view. It will be interesting to see this on in the water after the skin is added.

Bow Plate

Bow Plate

The end plates were added to three Greenland boats this last week. Again, click on the picture to see the full view.

Bow Plate Before Trimming

Bow Plate Before Trimming

Finished Stern Plate

Finished Stern Plate

Frame Status

Greenland Kayak Frame Status week 9

The first Masik under construction for SEKB 2011 also known as “Skirts and Skins”

Laminated Masik

Laminated Greenland Masik

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