Greenland Kayak Building Week 11


Greenland Kayak Frame Complete

We are pretty much on schedule for Greenland Kayak Building, many of the boats the frame is done and has a sealing finish on it, for several others they are only a couple days behind.  Unfortunately days jobs and travel has kept some people away from build days.  The facility is only rented though April, an extension is under discussion for those who are behind plan.

Had a set back this week, the “skin” we were going to use has been determined unsuitable and new material may need to be ordered.  This will delay the sewing that could have started this next Saturday.  Dyes also need to be ordered for those not wanting a translucent boat.

Frame View

Completed Greenland Kayak Frame View - Bob Jack's Boat

Completed Frame

Completed Frame Teak Color Finish

Inside View

Inside View, Laminated Greenland Masik

Frame Wood art

Greenland Wood Art

constructed Coaming Form

Freshly Constructed Coaming Form

My Frame

My Greenland Kayak Frame After Linseed Oil finish

Kit Boat

Kit Boat Status

Kit Boat Deck

Kit Boat Ready for Deck Strips

Kit Boat coming along

Kit Build Getting Deck

Getting warmer ready to start kayaking?  What about you?


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  1. Shade

     /  April 16, 2011

    Very nice looking boat frames!

  2. A shame to cover them up with skin

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