Greenland Kayak Build Ends Abruptly

Well our Greenland Kayak build is officially done for this year as the Livonia warehouse lease expires.  There was a flurry of activity in the last week to get as much done as possible before the move out.  A few of the people that were behind in schedule came on strong and got skin on their boats before the group broke up.  Three of the boats got to the sealing stage before going home.  Last Saturday was spent cleaning and moving.  Dates for the paddle party were thrown out for comment.

We had lots of wood left over, some bought by builders,  some saved for next year.  The rib stock was excellent this year.  There were lots of empties left over as well from the build process.  There is likely lots of money there in the Michigan bottle return fee.  Monies will be settled up later, the deposit and some insurance fees should come back.  We think we left the building cleaner than we found it.

Many people are putting on the final coats of poly at home.  I’m up to four coats myself, going for five coats total.  If you are just now catching the blog, go from the beginning 14 weeks ago.  Now is the time to start kayaking and enjoy the sport.

For most people there will be some adjustments to the boats to get them to be just right for paddling.  I am adding a seat and a back rest, foot peddles are a possibility.

Enjoy the below pictures of the final week and move out day.


Skinning the boat before time runs out

Two Greenland Boats Being Skinned

Skinners until the end

Greenland Coaming

Using the machines before they go

Coating The Skin

After a few coats of Dura Tuff Poly

Greenland Coaming Work

Greenland Coaming in Fabrication

Greenland Plug in

A new Kind Of Plug-in Hybrid

Greenland Kayak Going Home

Greenland Kayak Going Home

Kayak Locked and Ready to Roll

Locked and Ready to Roll - First Time On Rack

Greenland Kayak Cutting Tent

Cutting Tent coming down

Greenland Tools Being loaded

Moiving Out

Checking out the rack for the Geenland Kayak

Checking Out The New Rack

SOF Kayak

Finished Kayak Going Home

GreenLand Build Complete

Loading up all the stuff

Just like paddling - great technique

Just Like Paddling - Great Technique

Empty - Greenland Boats Gone

Getting Empty


Room for More?

Truck Packed

Moving to Beaverly

That’s it the build is over , building is empty and cleaned, many trucks full of stuff, two going to one garage, launch party being planned for June.  I’m putting on more coats of sealer until I’m happy with the coverage.  Rack built in the Garage for the new arrival, now there are five kayaks in the garage, six boats total if you count the Zodiac.  I don’t like boats as you can tell.  CraigCat in the water already on the boat lift.  Let the summer begin, lets start kayaking.

Enjoy the series, or not? Let me know by making a comment.

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  1. Louise Flory

     /  May 11, 2011

    Congratulations to all the magical new parents! Your boats are so beautiful, and soon you will be saying it floats!!!!! The construction and design came out particularly fine. Thanks for letting me infiltrate on occasion, it was a great pleasure! -Louise

  2. Thanks for dropping in and providing consultation and help.

  3. Rob

     /  May 11, 2011

    Congratulations to all! You guys really rocked. Wish I could have joined you this year. I can’t wait to see the results at the launch party.

  4. Don’t forget the gal Katie, she did great. We know it, but maybe everyone does not know it Kayak building is just not for guys.

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