Greenland Build 2011 Launch Party – Start Kayaking The Huron

Well the Greenland Kayak build is officially over for 2011, now is the time to get the kayaks into the water and start kayaking. We took a paddle from Portage Lake to Zukey Lake Tavern and back on the Huron River chain. What made this more difficult is the water was just at flood stage being at record highs the past week, so the current was strong going up to Zukey. How high the water had been was obvious. I think I remember there were 11 kayakers making the trip, some were new to kayaking and they did fine. It helps having more experienced kayakers to provide guidance and tips.

My kayak was paddled over to Portage lake, a 30 minute trip, but I found out it was not yet tuned right for a longer paddle, so I opted to take one of my other kayaks for the trip. All the other new Greenland boats did fine, looked good in the water. We had some pitchers at the Tavern, and returned back to portage for a BBQ and of course more beer. It was a very hot day over 85 degrees and very humid. I went through two water bottles on the way there and drank lots of water in addition to the beer at the Tavern. Lots of water was poured over my head on the way there to keep cool, clearly one of the hottest days yet of the spring, hotter ones followed during the week after the party. It felt like summer so everyone enjoyed the heat.

You will see in the video our fearless leader Gerry, cooled off with a roll, also showing off his kayak skills. A great group of people made the build and lots of good friends joined the party. Unfortunately some people were out of town for the event, we will have to schedule another event to get them out and paddling. The summer is just getting underway. Lots of time to start kayaking.

Anyone from the party or otherwise have a comment to make, please do so, I love comments – so does Google…

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