Getting Ready To Start Kayaking My Greenland Boat

I have four coats of Dura Tuff polyurethane coating on my Greenland kayak, I’m not happy with the look so wanted to add one last coat.  Unfortunately Michigan weather in the last week has been less than optimum to put on the coating outside.  Then once the last coat cures,  the fun begins to get the boat in the water and tweak it in, getting the seat position right.  There is a celebration paddle coming up in a few weeks  (June 4) and I have to get used to the new boat fist.

I have already kluged up a storage position in the garage.  Mounted the Greenland kayak it in front of another boat, the kayak is so light it is easy to lift into position by myself.  I still have one boat yet to get up off the floor – 5 kayaks in the garage so far.  One plastic kayak to get properly stored, I bought a pulley  system to mount it on the ceiling.

Kayak Garage Storage

Kayak Garage Storage - Four Boats Here On The Wall

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  1. I am looking to build racks in my garage for two kayaks, stacked like yours. Can you tell me what materials you used and how you built them? Thanks, and be sure to check out kayaking facebook page.

  2. Very simple, and inexpensive. Just 2 x 4’s and nails/screws. If you are not handy with rough carpentry, there are several racks on the market that store the same way. I made sure the vertical 2 x 4’s went into studs under the drywall for strength.

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