Frozen Huron River Winter Kayaking

Well a group of five crazy kayakers are getting together myself included to get their kayaks on the roofs of their vehicles, get out the winter gear, one member has a new dry suit he is anxious to try out in the elements.  Some people just don’t get enough of kayaking.  The challenge is to stay dry and keep the kayak head side up.  Precautions will be taken, like a second set of dry clothes and we do have the honor of having a certified kayak instructor in our group to coach us on being safe if we look like we are going to do something stupid.  I may add some video footage later after the run down the Huron, if the camera works in the cold.

For a warm-up the day before I’m going cross country skiing to get back into shape after the holiday eating and drinking.  This can be a great way to burn those winter calories as it is an active sport, gets your heart rate up and keeps you warm as toast on a cold winter day.  Where I ski there are hills so calories are burned on the way up, with the reward of a fun run down the hill.

Cross Country Ski In The Woods

Ski Trail Through The Woods

The rain is coming at the end of the week so I have to get my skiing in now.   For the past few years the snow gets messed up over the holiday break when I have the time off to use it.  Oh well, not much I can do about it and nobody wants to listen to me complain.

What do you do in the winter for exercise?

Ski Trail

Cross Country Track Going Up The Dense Hardwoods

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