Fall Thoughts and Experiences

I thought of this blog while I was walking my two dogs for an hour on the back roads near my house, walked from Little Portage Lake to Silver Lake and back.  It was a very nice Saturday not cold, not hot, sunny and very quiet and peaceful.  Only two cars past me in the hour walk, and I saw six pheasants at once along the walk.  Forgetting now most of what I was going to write, I need to record my thoughts as  I have forgotten most of  the reflections I wanted to share.

I love where I live, but it is not for everyone.  Some say it’s too far out from civilization, in fact had you told me I was going to live in this area 5 years ago I would say you were crazy.  I have a good friend that I have known since high school that live’s two miles away from me as the crow flys, and when he moved here I thought he was nuts for moving so far away.  Now I am in the same rural area.

For a sportsman the area offers everything, boating, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, road biking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, camping, fishing, horse back riding,  you name it its all here, you are even close to Hell.  That’s Hell Michigan.  But don’t think you are going to be shopping at the mall close to here however.  Then again Ann Arbor is just 20 minutes away for food out and shopping.  No need to drive 3-5 hours up North, it feels like up North right here close to Detroit.

The point I guess I’m trying to make is that I can get away from it all here and choose my form of recreation.  I worked way too many hours this week for a corporation that does not really care about people, just the bottom line and getting the results they want regardless of how it impacts a person’s free time.  So I had no time during the week working 12 to 14 hours a day, plus the 50 minute drive each way to get any exercise during the week.  I really enjoyed the dog walk early Saturday morning and was able to forget about the week I wasted working too many hours.  I need to work for myself, looking for that niche market now.

I have another friend that sells guinea pig cages, he’s happy to go to his garage every day and work on shipping product.  Did his best month ever in September.  This guy is a smarter engineer than I will ever be, and he retired early from corporate, now happy selling cages online.  Look up Bluestonecages.com if you want to check his business out.

I also got in a very nice long paddle on Saturday, videos posted soon.  The power boat came out this weekend as well – video to my other boat posted below.  Just remember get out there when you can and get some exercise and it helps refresh you from a long work week.

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