Fall Season

Well it is now fall, the leaves are turning and soon the tour up the chain of lakes will be in peak color.  On the lakes people are busy getting their docks and boat lifts out, at least the smart ones are before the water gets cold.

For the record my boat and lift come out Oct 2-3 which is early for me, but I’m having a kayak event at my house on the 16th and want the power boat and lift out for more put-in space.

Tried some new equipment today in 55 degree and windy overcast weather.  A new rash guard shirt by Stohlquist (http://www.stohlquist.com) perfect for the temp as long as it stayed dry, and a kayak camera tripod which also worked well.

I’m trying to find the right gear for myself as the temperatures continue to drop to extend the fall paddles longer.  I work up lots of heat when I kayak and need very breathable gear to be comfortable yet protected from the cold.  When you start kayaking you don’t have much gear just the basics paddle, PFD, and a kayak.  As you get into kayaking more, get more serious, you want to extend the season and be prepared to be comfortable in more adverse weather.  You also upgrade your kayak.

Michigan offers so many places to paddle, and various types of water from protected flat water to white water rivers.  So get out here and start kayaking for your health and fitness and enjoy nature while you’re at it.

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