Fall Kayaking

I admit it, I love summer, it is my favorite season.  As long as I am near water it can be hot and humid.  I even do well in Arizona out in 115 degree heat, of course the sun is out there.  A Northern Michigan summer is fantastic.

Now having said all that I know fall is upon us.  This September in Southeast Michigan is starting off cool, I fear the last Michigan 80 degree day of 2010 is now a memory.

The nice thing about September, October, and maybe November is it is great kayaking season.  When the power boats are working to the calendar that after labor day boating is done.  I still have 2 or 3 good months of paddling left.

People are now doing kid soccer, hockey, school events, stuck to the TV watching sports.  Boating is gone from their mind.  That opens up the lakes and rivers for some good flat water kayaking.  I  just spent over $200 in gear to extend my kayaking season with some new gear, and I could have spent a lot more.  Made my first visit to The Kayak Corral is Saline (www.kayakcorral.com/). It is a much bigger store than I imagined, the staff were very friendly and helpful.

So my plan is to enjoy the water until it is too hard to paddle on, when the paddle will no longer break the surface of the water.  Hope people keep in mind the temperature of the water.  At the moment you may get cold getting wet, but it is not life threatening.  In November, and perhaps even October that is a little different, if you are not skilled in rolling and have the right equipment, then stick to paddling close to shore in water just deep enough to paddle in for your own safety.

Remember to get off the couch and get some exercise this fall.

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