Fall Kayaking – Huron River

Last weekend was supposed to be a big paddle weekend, with 3 paddles that I wanted to do, one of them I was leading up the Huron River.  Well Saturday had winds forecasted to gust to 45 MPH, don’t know how strong the gusts actually were, but I had to cancel my paddle with the Great Lakes Paddlers for safety if nothing else.   I had a hint that I should cancel when my die hard kayak friend was bailing.  I did have one person show up – Rick from Milford.  He still wanted to go, and was disappointed the trip was cancelled.

It is a good paddle to Zukey Lake and back from Little Portage, having a 20-30 MPH wind would have made it very difficult if it didn’t kill me to paddle against that kind of wind.  Instead I winterized my Craig Cat in my garage.  that took most of the day due to a difficult oil filter and fogging the lowest cylinder out of three.

Sunday I did not get going early enough to leave by noon for a 1 PM paddle in Northern Livingston County, the morning the weather was not so good but turned out to be a nice day.  Took the dogs for a fall hike in Stinchfield Woods instead.  In the end my kayak did not see the water over the weekend.

Stinchfield Woods

Stinchfield Woods In The Fall

Dog In Stinchfiled Woods

Max The Dog In Stinchfiled Woods

Wood Pecker Evidence

Wood Pecker Evidence - Note the Square Hole

What kind of wood pecker makes a square hole? I know, do you?

CCC Trees

CCC Trees In Stinchfield Woods

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  1. Bill Black

     /  October 17, 2011

    I’m pretty sure the wind on Oct. 15 was frequently gusting to 45 mph, and gale warnings were up. With a group, your decision to cancel was a good one. Paddle in windy conditions when it makes sense, I’m watching for 30 mph conditions and need the practice. keep an eye out for good days in November!

  2. Bill, Thanks for the wind gust confirmation.

  3. Barney Twigg

     /  March 5, 2012

    I think I’ve done some Geocaching in those woods. Nice place to visit during high wind conditions on the water.

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