Fair Weather Kayaking

In Michigan in the transistion months of March, April, and May the weather can go from snowing to 80 degrees in a matter of 24 hours, so it makes a paddling trip difficult to plan in early season.  Having the right gear for the trip is important, and bring extra gear in case you get wet or the conditions get warmer or colder while you’re out.

Just this week there a was a paddling trip and a party afterwards schedued that got cancelled due to cold, rainy, windy weather.    I would have went anyway taking the right gear, but I’m secretly glad (don’t tell the hardcore guys) it got postponed.  It will take place later in May and the chances are that it will be warmer.

Any day for me is a good day to paddle compaired to being behind a desk.  Some days are just better than others.  Hoping to get out on the water more often afterwork with longer days and warmer temps.  Watch for my short video on my recent Friday evening paddle.

Paddle Safe,


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