Fair Weather Boaters

I am out on the lake as much as possible, either in my kayak or my 30 HP Craig Cat  power boat (after kayaking). The amount of people on the water is directly linked to sun and temperature, an increase in either brings an increase in traffic. This also applies to kayakers.

I have had my best time on the water paddling when it’s overcast, rain forecasted, or cooler in temperature. Just this last Saturday I went out when it was lightly starting to rain, it quit. But what I had was a very nice peaceful paddle, and still got just as much exercise if not more than if it was a sunny day.

Even people on shore were absent, choosing to be inside, perhaps catching up on on inside work. If you enjoy the water then try a paddle when it’s overcast or even raining. It is still a very satisfying experience and the exercise is good for you.

Take a rain coat, hat, be prepared for the weather but still go out and do it. The snow and frozen lakes comes quick enough in Michigan. Enjoy all of the summer and fall days.

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