Extreme Kayaking

There are many types of kayaking and so many places to go to kayak.  I enjoy flat water kayaking which means there are no rapids however the water is not always flat, especially if you venture out in to the Great Lakes to kayak.  There is white water kayaking such as the video linked to this post.  This is extreme kayaking in an exotic place that most people will never get to.

There is limited white water kayaking in Michigan which is one reason I prefer flat water sea kayaking.  There is maybe more excitement in white water kayaking, but is it also more dangerous.  I have no desire hurt myself finding enjoyment in less risky sports.  I am also not likely to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with a parachute just for the fun of it.  Go ahead call me boring.  I used to be a speed freak, fast cars, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, but now I get my speed fix from a road bike peddling hard.  I still enjoy skiing down a mountain as fast as my ability will allow.  I prefer hot summer weather for vacations to a cold mountain ski so I don’t ski as much as I would like.

So there are many ways to get outside and do something.  I am promoting more human powered fun activities so that there is the element of exercise as well in the activity.  You could also consider them green activities since there is no fossil fuel being burned.  Just get out there and start kayaking, help your body and do no harm.  You don’t have to be an environmentalist to enjoy a sport without the sound of an engine.

Check out the video for some white water kayaking in a far away land.

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