Crossroads Group Huron River Winter Paddle 2011

The Crossroads Group held their annual winter paddle down the Huron River in SE Michigan. The Group just got it in under the wire just a short 6 hours before the official start of spring. Normally held in February, truth be told, this year there might have been frozen sections of the river.

The 10 mile estimated paddle led by Dr. Paul (no need for his services on this trip – nobody pregnant on the trip) was from the Kent Lake Dam to Placeway take-out in Island Lake State Park.  We saw a little wild life on the trip, blue hereon, unidentified brownish red fur bearing water creature (not a muskrat, not a beaver, what was it?). Everyone enjoyed the peaceful Huron River, current was good, water level high, not cold (40ish).

Snow and ice gone after the unusual warm (for mid March) previous week. Bikers were out in the park both road and mountain bikes.

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