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Tied Up Paddling Close To Hell Video

Check this out especially if you are a Great Lakes Paddling Member:

Grand River Expedition

Grand River Expedition 2010, a paddling trip on the Grand River from July 14 – 26, this summer. Folks can do the whole 225 miles (out of the full 260 mile length) (can’t really navigate the first 35, too many log jams down in the headwaters in southern Jackson County and Hillsdale Co.), all the […]

April Kayaking

Fair Weather Kayaking

In Michigan in the transistion months of March, April, and May the weather can go from snowing to 80 degrees in a matter of 24 hours, so it makes a paddling trip difficult to plan in early season.  Having the right gear for the trip is important, and bring extra gear in case you get […]

Start kayaking New Blog

This is my first kayaking blog kicking off my new direction in a online presence. I am a frustrated internet marketer who worked very hard but the return on investment did not justify me continuing in that activity. I learned a lot about working online and about marketing. I also learned how to be successful […]