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How To Kayak

With the weather colder, days shorter in December in Southeast Michigan I have not been able to make my own videos lately, so I found a good collection of “How To Kayak” videos on most being made by,  the links are at the end of this post, just click on them to open […]

Sea Kayaking Tips

Is It Too Cold In Michigan?

A video showing kayaking can be year round.

Kayak Rolling – A Learning Process

Kayak rolling education, get certified instructors or a knowledgeable friend to help you learn.

Unpredictable November For Kayaking

Michigan November weather still some warm days to do some kayaking and get exercise.

Kayak Season – Start Kayaking

Fall can still be a good time to kayak, maybe not the best time to start kayaking. For that there are indoor classes

Sea Kayak Rescue

Here’s a funny video, demonstrates a deep water technique to recover from a roll and wet exit.  It supposed to show the “crab” re-entry.  More practice may be needed.

Kayak Safety – The “Crab”

Kayak safety

“T” Rescue

Help a person get back in his kayak in a deep water wet exit.

Hand Of God Kayak Safety Technique

Hand Of God, a kayak rescue technique