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Skirts And Skins

A video record of the Skin On Frame kayaks hand made in downtown Brighton Michigan over the Michigan winter.  Launch Party held at the end of May to get the works of art into the water.  Group paddled from Portage Lake to Zukey Lake and back.

A Progressive Sport

Kayaking is a sport you can grow with, meet new friends, go to beautiful places, gets you outside and gets you in shape. The sport can be fun at any skill level.

Sea Kayak Rescue

Here’s a funny video, demonstrates a deep water technique to recover from a roll and wet exit.  It supposed to show the “crab” re-entry.  More practice may be needed.

Mid August Blues And Beer Bellies

Weekends on the water

Fair Weather Boaters

I am out on the lake as much as possible, either in my kayak or my 30 HP Craig Cat  power boat (after kayaking). The amount of people on the water is directly linked to sun and temperature, an increase in either brings an increase in traffic. This also applies to kayakers. I have had […]

Kayak Safety – The “Crab”

Kayak safety

Paddle Lesson

REI shows an instructional paddle video

“T” Rescue

Help a person get back in his kayak in a deep water wet exit.

Hand Of God Kayak Safety Technique

Hand Of God, a kayak rescue technique

The “HOG”

Safety Training