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Extreme Kayaking

Kayaking and outdoor activities can take on many forms, find the one you like for exercise.

Sea Kayaking Tips

Is It Too Cold In Michigan?

A video showing kayaking can be year round.

Kayak Rolling – A Learning Process

Kayak rolling education, get certified instructors or a knowledgeable friend to help you learn.

Huron River Kayaking

The Huron River is a great resource for Southeast Michigan for kayaking

Unpredictable November For Kayaking

Michigan November weather still some warm days to do some kayaking and get exercise.

Kayak Season – Start Kayaking

Fall can still be a good time to kayak, maybe not the best time to start kayaking. For that there are indoor classes

New Article Published On Selecting A Paddle, Review of the Cyprus Paddle

Getting the right fit on a paddle is very important when stating to Kayak

Great Lakes Paddle Part 4 of 4

Ending of the journey, everyone had a great time. Some people were tired, some were ready for more. Some good company and exercise. Chain of Lakes tour Little Portage to Zukey lake and back. Audio Podcast

Great Lakes Paddlers Fall Lt Portage to Zukey Lake Part 3 of 4

Part 3 of 4 fall paddle from Little Portage to Zukey Lake, Lunch at the Tavern. Kayak roll demonstrated.