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Great Lakes Paddlers

Part one of a four part video kayak tour series with the Great Lakes Paddlers

Fall Paddle Video And Home Grown Music

Fall Paddle to high energy music.

Fall Thoughts and Experiences

I thought of this blog while I was walking my two dogs for an hour on the back roads near my house, walked from Little Portage Lake to Silver Lake and back.  It was a very nice Saturday not cold, not hot, sunny and very quiet and peaceful.  Only two cars past me in the […]

Attitudes: IC Machine Versus Human Power

Are people different in machines than they are when using their own power? What do you think?

Last Hot Paddle of 2010 for SE MI

Somewhat long video paddling down the Huron River from Zukey Lake in Southeast Michigan.  It shows the boat traffic on a hot day being shared by kayakers.  Temperature was 85 and mostly sunny, humid.  Lots of people were enjoying the Zukey Lake sand bar staying cool.  There is one place between Strawberry Lake and the […]

Mid August Blues And Beer Bellies

Weekends on the water