Electrical Engineer by training with a masters in business.  My passion however is to be outdoors and be active.  Job does not match what I wish I was doing.  Love the water, sun, snow.  Sports I enjoy are sea kayaking, road and mountain biking, roller blading, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, water skiing.  Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, have two grown daughters and have not found a better place to live than Michigan.  Currently live on the Huron River Chain of Lakes and want to help people to start kayaking.

Join my facebook.com page search on: Start Kayaking Michigan  or use URL:http://www.facebook.com/startkayakingnow

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  1. Hi there! I just came across your website while looking for people with whom I can connect. I also have an outdoors recreation blog and I am excited to be proactive about meeting people. I look forward to reading more of your entries. Have a nice weekend! 😀


  2. Thanks,

    Great to connect with you. Loved the turtle picture, common sight along the Huron River.

    Best Regards,

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