A Progressive Sport

I  have been kayaking now for about ten years.  I was not very serious about it until the last few.  What I’m finding is a person can fully enjoy kayaking at about any skill level, in just about any type of kayak.  I have to admit however the longer sea kayak beats the shorter ones for getting across a lake or down a flat water river.

I have gained in my skill level in the last year by hanging around other kayakers of greater skills. I still have much to learn and improve which makes it interesting.  This summer’s not yet over but I’m already looking forward to kayak training events I’m planning to attend next year.

I’m going to get a Greenland paddle and learn how to paddle with that type.  Don’t know about Greenland Paddling?  Then Google it.  I didn’t get out to bigger water this year, next year my goal is Lake Michigan, perhaps the Detroit river.  There are so many paddle opportunities in Michigan, endless water places to go.  I have a friend in Traverse City, I have not seen in maybe 15 years,  that is as good an excuse as any to go up and paddle in the Grand Traverse Bay.

This a a great sport, one that you can meet new people and friends.  Kayaking can be a reason to go to interesting places.  The more you kayak the more in shape you get yourself into at the same time.  Everything about the sport can be progressive.

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