A Downhill Cross Country Ski Run From The Summit Of Peach Mountain

Out getting some winter exercise cross country skiing, normally a very fast run, this one was slowed significantly by the fresh snow and the high 20’s temps.  This was the final hill going back from several hours of skiing at Peach Mountain.  Barely hit all the trails, there are so many, I would have to spend the day skiing to hit all the trails.  Some of the hills are very steep both going up and down the tail.  It is a very good workout.  Peach Mountain has the Huron River on one side at the base, overlooks Portage Lake and Little Portage Lake.  The Huron River chain is great for kayaking in the warmer months. I was using back country Rossignol Skis, which have a metal edge, are shorter and a little wider than normal cross country skis. I found the skis on sale online at REI.

Winter Exercise

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